IPI Water Inflated Wireline Packers - SWiPS®

IPI Water Inflated Wireline Packers - SWiPS®

IPI's SWiPS®through-the-bit wire line hydraulic packer system is now the world leader for permeability testing in deep and demanding core holes. Using only water for inflation and not requiring a fixed wireline, IPI's SWiPS® simplifies the drilling operation by eliminating the need for separate or dedicated equipment. Water enables higher pressure ratings and therefore greater depth capability, and a more positive and reliable seal than gas alternatives. Available as standard for “P”, “H” and “N” sizes, in modular single / straddle formats. Compact and simple, SWiPS® makes testing possible where gas-inflate packers can't.

It doesn't get any easier than using the SWiPS® Packer:
1. Remove the inner barrel, then run SWiPS® in and latch into the core barrel.
2. Inflate SWiPS® by pressurising the drill string and conduct permeability test.
3. Latch on to tool using standard over shot, deflate packers by pulling up slightly. Once deflated, retrieve the packer, replace inner barrel and resume drilling.


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