MD-3 Triple Deck Shale Shaker

MD-3 Triple Deck Shale Shaker

The MD-3 Triple Deck Shale shaker is ideal for drilling projects where more effective drilling fluid/solids separation is required and shaker footprint must be kept to a minimum. The MD- 3 provides 3 decks of automated, effective solids control in a small footprint unit - More decks, more options, less space.


  • Flexible shaker configurations - mud cleaner, dual shaker and loss -prevention functionality.
  • Balanced and progressive elliptical motions, providing increased fluid capacity and solids control, increased fluid recovery and extended screen life.
  • Screens compatible with all drilling fluids, and able to withstand fluids at elevated temperatures.
  • Composite screen technology increases effective open area, lightweight screens for ease of use.

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