Pipe Handling - Power Handler and Power Push™


Based in the UK, UIS is a specialist supplier of innovative technologies and services for the utilities industry.
UIS and Blick will be displaying the UIS Power Push, Melbourne, Australia in September for one of the world’s largest events dedicated to trenchless technology, No-Dig Down Under.
Among the products on display during the event will be the UIS Power Push™, an excavator attachment for safe insertion and feeding of polyethylene (PE) pipes and cables.
The UIS Power Push is a faster, safer and more compliant way of inserting pipelines and is fully approved for operation on both live and dead insertions.
The UIS Power Push range 63mm- 900mm is becoming increasingly popular in both Australia & New Zealand:

Blick is also the sole distributor of the UIS Power Handler range 250mm – 900mm again in both Australia & New Zealand.
The UIS Power Handler is changing the way large pipes and ductings are handled on and off site in Australia and New Zealand. The Power Handler gives the operative full 360 degree control of the pipe, removes the risk of using slings and the potential risks from manual handling. Capable to withstand even the toughest pipe-laying / handling environments.
The UIS Power Handler offers a safer and more compliant way of handling large diameter PE pipe, Ducting’s, Steel/Ductile Iron and Concrete Pipes.

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