Jet-Lube Valve Greases

Jet-Lube Valve Greases

We stock a range of general purpose and specific valve greases to seal against leakage and protect precision gate valves from scoring, galling and corrosion. Jet Lube have developed non-toxic formulations of high viscosity vegetable oils and polymers to assure heavy duty sealing and lubrication in a wide range of applications, partcularly where resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons or aqueous solutions is required.


  • Ezy Open
  • Ezy Turn Body Fill
  • Ezy Turn II
  • Ezy Turn H2S
  • Ezy Turn II rtic
  • Ezy Turn 5
  • Ezy Turn 7
  • Ezy Turn 8
  • Ezy Turn 196

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