IPI STX-60 Well Testing Tool

IPI STX-60 Well Testing Tool

The STX-60 has an integral down-hole shut-in capability and setting tool, enabling both more advanced permeability testing (e.g. IFO) and multiple testing in one trip. It employs a multi-cycle four stage valving mechanism that allows fluid communication to either, the packers, annulus, test interval or provides complete shut in. Shifting between different stages is accomplished by axial movement only - no rotation required. This multi-stage functionality enables multiple tests in a single run without pulling out of the hole.

What makes the STX-60 unique is it can be run on rods or through-the-bit in P and H sized wire line systems. There are modular single/straddle format with a wide range of packer options - including medium pressure SWiPS series and high pressure versions.


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