Kwik-ZIP HD Series (Heavy Duty)

Kwik-ZIP HD Series (Heavy Duty)Kwik-ZIP HD Series (Heavy Duty)
Kwik-ZIP HD Series (Heavy Duty)Kwik-ZIP HD Series (Heavy Duty)

The HD Series is suitable for a multitude of applications including:

  • Carrier pipe spacers for cased crossings
  • Grade control for wastewater and sewer pipelines
  • Gravel packed well screens
  • Well production casing, including PVC, steel, and fibreglass casing
  • Pile centraliser - Centralisers for mine paste backfill bores.
  • Torque arrestor for submersible pumps. Its unique features include a curved bow spring with superior centralising

Check pre-assembled centraliser against bar/pipe diameter before tightening collar straps

HD Series has 30 units per carton. No special tools are required to install these products.

Bow HeightTo fit pipe/casing diameter
HD 3030mm110mm - 480mm
HD 5050mm110mm - 480mm
HD 7575mm110mm - 480mm
HD 100100mm110mm - 480mm
HD Series
Approx Bar/Pipe Diameter (Outside Diameter)Units Required Per Centraliser
110mm - 164mm (4.33" - 6.45")2
164mm - 250mm (6.45" - 9.84")3
250mm - 330mm (9.84" - 13.00")4
350mm - 400mm (13.00" - 15.75")5
400mm - 480mm (15.75" - 18.90")6
Over 480mm (18.90")Refer HD Installation Guide

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