Kwik-ZIP GT Series

Kwik-ZIP GT SeriesKwik-ZIP GT Series
Kwik-ZIP GT SeriesKwik-ZIP GT Series

The GT Series is suitable for a multitude of applications including:

  • Soil nails
  • Post tensioning
  • Rock bolts
  • Anchors
  • Monitor wells
  • Small diameter drop pipe
  • Down hole cameras
  • Geophysical logging tools and other data collection devices

    • Important
      Check pre-assembled centraliser against bar/pipe diameter before tightening collar straps

      GT Series has 100 units per carton. No special tools are required to install these products.

      Bow HeightTo fit pipe/bar diameter
      GT 20-120mm18mm -65mm
      GT 30-130mm18mm -65mm
      GT 40-140mm18mm -65mm
      GT Series
      Approx Bar/Pipe Diameter (Outside Diameter)Units Required Per Centraliser
      18mm - 29mm (.70" - 1.14")2
      29mm - 46mm (1.14" - 1.81")3
      46mm - 65mm (1.81" - 2.56")4
      Over 65mm (2.56")Use 155 HT Series

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